Green Chemistry

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LH Organics’ Soil System 1 (SS1) and Water System 1 (WS1) are dry powder products that deliver proprietary blends of bacteria to actively restore and continually optimize nature’s intended aerobic and microbial balance to soils, waste-water and other compromised environments.
Restoring the natural balance in soil with SS1 allows nutrients and water to be absorbed more efficiently. A one-gallon container of SS1 treats an average of 160 acres. Overall, SS1 is a lower cost alternative to toxic fertilizers that reduces water usage requirements, improves rootstock health and enhances plant yield.

Similarly, WS1 restores the natural balance in aquatic environments such as animal waste lagoons, evaporation ponds and decorative lakes. A one-gallon container treats up to five million gallons of wastewater.  The incorporation of WS1 into your Agribusiness, Decorative Landscape, Animal or Municipal Waste Management Strategy makes sound economic sense.

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LH Organics’ Colloidal Product Line contains over 20 products that have been developed using a proprietary chemistry employing colloidal micelles science. Each product is a 100% Plant Based, Green Chemistry formulation designed for use in a wide range of commercial and residential cleaning and control applications. From farming operations to food processing or heavy industry to hospitality, LH Organics has the solution to your facility maintenance and processing challenges.  Our products are concentrated and then diluted by the farmer, rancher or food processor, as needed, to target the highest economic benefit.

Finally, there are safe and effective alternatives to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, such as chlorine, fertilizers and caustics that find their way in to the footprint of our lives.

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